AustrianGrocery.com – The Taste of Austria

Austrian products are well known world wide for their extremely high quality!

Unique taste, unbelievable variety and an unrivalled high standard of quality control – these are the reasons why Austrian food is popular in other countries as well.

AustrianGrocery.com – the world’s largest online-shop for Austrian comestibles – delivers sweets, cereals or ready-to-serve-meals from Vienna to Reykjavik, San Francisco or Sydney.

Of course, customers will be advised about the import regulations in their countries.

For retailers and wholesalers abroad (hotels, restaurants, specialty shops) the AustrianGrocery.com provides individual offers and special discounts.

AustrianGrocery.com stands for Austrian Quality – consumers may take that for granted for the product range as well as for the service!

Culinary journey of joy through Austria

The product range “made in Austria” contains more than 1,350 articles, produced between Vorarlberg and Burgenland.

AustrianGrocery.com offers you only the best branded goods. The assortment includes not only internationally well known specialities like the Viennese Sacher Cake or the Official Mozart Cake, but also articles for daily supply – like Almdudler (very popular herb lemonade), special vinegar or baking mixes.

Right now especially the “Yard sale” products are very popular, what includes all the products the AustrianGrocery.com-team gets from farmers in Lower Austria and the Burgenland.

Due to a lot of inquiries soon to come: organic wine, organic fruit juices and organic spices.

The only place you will find this inimitable range of Austrian products is AustrianGrocery.com!

Safe payment and great partners!

AustrianGrocery.com – The Taste of Austria! is the first web shop for Austrian goods being given the “Euro-label for secured online-shopping”.

Ordering is very comfortable and payment is easy per credit card or with the extremely secure PayPal system.

AustrianGrocery.com provides not only top quality, but also seriousness. Thus AustrianGrocery.com has quickly found reliable partners such as “Austria and more” – the Austrian tourism platform – and the travel agency “Mondial”.

AustrianGrocery.com – the story of a Viennese lateral thinker

Since November 2006 Michael Patzal and his team have been providing ex-pat Austrians and fans from all over the world with famous Austrian foodstuffs.

“The idea for the online shop came to me because my brother had been living abroad for more than 30 years and every time he came home, he bought so much food his baggage nearly exceeded the allowed weight on the flight back,” says the founder of AustrianGrocery.com.

With great care and attention to detail he made the idea of AustrianGrocery.com come true, creating an online-shop that is, thanks to the extensive product range and special service, way ahead of its competitors.
15 years of experience in marketing were also very helpful, of course.

Special shops and cooperations

In just a couple of weeks the first two special shops are installed on the AustrianGrocery.com. Aside the popular coffeeshop-company AIDA with its more than 25 locations in Vienna, also the Old-Viennese Schnaps-Museum will exclusively let the AustrianGrocery.com take care of their online-shops.

Thanks to the AustrianGrocery.com also smaller companies have the possibility to offer their products to a worldwide clientele.

A new exclusive partner of the AustrianGrocery.com is the “Club of Austrians abroad” with its more than 15.000 members.

To be updated about the latest changes of the assortment and further cooperations or special discounts simply sign in and become a member of the constantly growing AustrianGrocery.com community. The monthly newsletter provides you with the latest news about the AustrianGrocery.com.