360 Media, LLC is a Documentary and Reality production company about Real People, Real Recovery, And Real Reality. The reality show is about people living in Recovery from Alcohol and Drug addiction aspiring to accomplish un-imaginable achievements in life as a way to show other Alcoholics and Addicts that life if Recovery is a life worth living and that in Recovery you can do anything you want if you want it bad enough. R. Cord Beatty, who is in recovery himself from Alcoholism, is Executive Producer, Director and Producer of this exciting adventure Documentary that follows this team, which he has fondly called “The Misfit Toys” and is also Executive Producer of 180 Degrees the new Reality TV Show. The show also features the expertise of Dr. Simmon Wilcox of St. George Utah who specializes and uses his proprietary medical methods in assisting people suffering from Addiction with a rapid Detox process that is state of the art and cutting edge. Dr. Wilcox will also oversee the medical needs, nutrition and training of the Everest team.