We use state-of-the-art file servers in SSAE-16-certified, redundant data centers thousands of miles apart to ensure your data is safe, secure and quickly recoverable. In the unlikely event one center goes off line, the other takes over. The centers are secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant Internet connections.  

A backup is only as good as the recovery. We ensure that happens through our continuous data center quality checks. Our Safe Catalog Process verifies the file catalogs we upload are valid and reliable. Integrity Checkers scan for data corruption and, in the rare case of corruption in one data center, replaces the affected files with clean versions from the other center.

Threats to data security are everywhere: You need backup that can offer the highest levels of protection. We secure files beyond the 128-bit encryption methods typically used for online banking. We also communicate with our servers using SSL technology, ensuring your data is encrypted both in transit over the internet and in storage at our  facilities.

Really though, it’s our people that make the difference, they are the experts. Contact one today to begin the process of creating a Business Continuity, & Disaster Recovery plan that is tailor fit to your business. We look forward to your partnership.