MyDreamSpots.com is the branded name my team and I have chosen to work behind with a title of “Program Guide.”  The name “MyDreamSpots” is significant because we believe in living out our dreams and acquiring success; The achievement of something planned or desired.  I believe that if we don’t plan nor desire anything then we are not achieving success. We believe there are many things to desire and plan for and believe with the right motivation so does everyone else.

On my website blog,  I’ve written about the chemical agents in typical household cleaners that could have killed me when I was a young boy.  It’s good to know that my supplier, an always safe and green company works to prevent toxins and saves more lives than you’d think.

Growing up from then on I was always with friends, always outside, and always with a plan for my life.  I’m now married and my wife and I are expecting our first child soon! I must say, I’m really excited about being a father. One of my dreams have always been to become a father and I look up to all those fathers out there. I’m proud to know I have one of my biggest jobs yet to come.  I also enjoy working with my non-profit, serving urban youth in the inner city of Denver.  I’m like a big kid at heart and love being a mentor and role-model for students.  And to bring this back around I really love helping people find their Dream Spots in life through my business.

I get up and with pride tell anyone who asks what I do as a Program Guide; I teach people how to build a structure for product distribution without specializing in sales from my home. That’s a fancy way of saying I guide others towards personal and financial freedom by training them to become Program Guides and operate an in-home business utilizing a proven system and product supplier.

With all these useful products my family and I had growing up we had to recommend them to others. I mean why wouldn't we?  My family stand I started earning small checks just from our friends and family using the products for quite some time. And until recently I wanted to get serious and find a way to make the products we loved into a primary means of income.

That’s when we found “Your Freedom Project,” a company of benevolence designed to provide a proven turn-key system.  They help us get these products into more hands without direct selling, and at the same time allowing us to make a significant income.

Watch our video from our home page to get started. It’s free to take a look. It might just change your life. It’s changing mine.