RDS-Global was formed in 1997 to support one of the UK's leading independent motor retail groups. Such was the success of the company, and its ability to provide first class support and DMS training to the retail motor industry, a major vehicle manufacturer asked RDS-Global to conduct DMS training at their college which was a great success.

In 2001 we were asked if there was a cost effective solution to a particular issue of communicating with a manufacturers system as the only product which appeared to do the job was cost prohibitive. We developed, what is now known as, The Navigator.
The Navigator has proved to be a great success and is now in more than 160 retailers across the country.

With the growing demand to save money, but still retain quality, RDS-Global strives to find or create the solution(s) which are needed to run a business. RDS-Global designs and develops solutions from necessity and not just an idea to sell to the market place.

In 2003 RDS-Global wanted to offer broadband solutions to its customers and invested in becoming an ISP (Internet Service Provider). This service is ONLY for RDS-Global's Customers and does not get "cluttered" by having private users, unlike other ISPs. Having the ability to offer such a service means that the network/bandwidth supplied by RDS-Global is dedicated to its customers and their business.

2004 saw RDS-Global move to a new office and creating a purpose built hosting centre, with 100Mb "Fat Pipe".

2006 was an exciting year for RDS-Global as it released its VoIP telephone system known as i-Tel. This system demonstrated that the retail industry could move forward without the huge price tag associated with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The i-Tel has all the features, plus many more as standard, of other telephony systems but at a fraction of the price.

In 2008 RDS-Global upgraded its hosting centre with greater power back up and further bandwidth to accommodate the growing demand for hosted services.

2009 saw the majority share being brought by Chris Smith (MD).