A business mentor and a published author, Mrs. Rhonda Davis have been consistently sought after by clients who want to create the entrepreneurial vision that they have since 2012. Rhonda, an expert in her field, assists individuals with their start-up business ventures. From teaching others how to begin a business mindset, copyrights and company name registrations, to consulting the completion of 501c3’s paperwork, Rhonda uses her business knowledge that she obtained from her years of experience. In addition, Rhonda reverts back to her academic journey which includes an A.A.S degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management to mentor and advocate for entrepreneurs with their business start-up to-do lists and concerns.

To better serve her clients, Rhonda Davis has combined her love and talent for assisting and mentoring others, along with her background in business to launch Rhonda Davis Workshops & Events, her for profit organization and business.
As a long-time consultant and now business owner, Rhonda Davis Workshops & Events is available for not only business consultations, but planning entrepreneurial events and conferences. She is quite professional as mistress of ceremonies, or facilitating private business and education workshops that uses exercises and visual aids to teach business startup strategies, business plan writing, managing budgets, event planning and more.
Rhonda Davis Workshops & Events’ mission is to be a sought out as a speaker, delivering her message of creating and performing with a business mindset, understanding thought processes and where it stems and the need to release all obstacles to overcome struggle. Rhonda also offers valuable strategies to put in place to increase a business’ profits.
Rhonda holds monthly meetings and events to create business relationships and idea sharing environments. Each month has a different theme. Her teen workshop, “Confession of a Welfare Mom,” speaks to teen mothers about and encourages positive life choices while empowering and increasing an entrepreneurial spirit within them. Rhonda plans to engage teens across America with her vision of owning and running your own business, even if you are parenting young.
So that Rhonda is versatile when helping others, she involves her workshop participants to join her as she annually gives back to the community. She provides the opportunity for children in several neighborhoods to be given school supplies at her Back-to-School drive each year. This is the community service project in which she is most proud of.
To her accolades she is a contributing writer in the book, “Confession of a Welfare Mom, vol. 1 and a published author of two e-books, unrelated to business, which are, “Crossover: A Tale of Twin Brothers Living In Separate Worlds and Crossover II; part 3 will be published in 2014 at www.Amazon.com/author/rhondamcalister.
To further assist entrepreneurs find clients and customers, Rhonda created the website, www.shopforvendors.com, which provides a platform for vendors to connect with business owners and event planners for networking purposes, for no charge at all.
Rhonda Davis’ Workshop and Events’ near future goal is to bring entrepreneurial workshops to the St. Louis area for great exposure. There are a great number of people who have the entrepreneurial spirit right here; Rhonda just plans to channel that energy to help create successful business men and women. Her ultimate vision is to go from being a one-person entrepreneurial entity to forming a company with a team of individuals working toward the same goal; building business minds for successful profits.
For more information inquiries can be made through the website