reQwip makes participation in endurance and outdoor adventure sports affordable and accessible by enabling reQwippers to seamlessly and effortlessly resell their gear.

We are creating the trusted, peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile and web marketplace for buying and selling new and used sports gear. Our MVP is focused on cycling, triathlon and outdoor adventure gear in Austin, TX, with expansion into more cities coming soon.

Sellers receive 90% of the sale price of each item — not a paltry 30-50% like many consignment shops offer — and there are NO HIDDEN FEES.

reQwip is donating 100% of its beta profits to local charities and clubs promoting endurance and outdoor adventure sports.

reQwip is focused on growing passionate and liquid user communities in cities across the United States that appreciate reQwip's sports focus and simplicity.

With the costs of equipment rising rapidly, reQwip is making sports participation and advancement affordable, accessible and enjoyable.