Reach Ministry ( Real Encouragement At Christ's Hands ) is a ministry that reaches out to individuals with events. Reach works with individuals of all ages but main focus is young girls. Reach is currently organizing an event called "Reach for The Stars" A Theatrical Fashion Show for young girls ages 7-18 years. The show allows the young ladies to recognize their career goals, hopes and dreams and re-enact them through theatrics. The young ladies are taught to recognize what it is that they would like to be, and know that no one can stop them from the pursuit but them. There are 7 scenes and each scene has a keyword. Determination- through determination and hard work is when you can seek greatness. Achievement - whatever you set your mind to do you can achieve through dedication. Believe- If you believe that you can then you can, but the key is to believe. Education- education is the key to success in life. Unity - Its united we stand divided we fall.Understanding - when we understand is when we comprehend. Judgement - who are we to cast the first stone. Togetherness - two or more. Bonds - is what we form and our words are our bonds. It is when we all come together for the common good of our fellow man to make sure that each person has a place or person in their lives to make them feel as though they belong. Our young girls are the future generation that will be used to carry greatness. We as a people need to educate our young ladies and help them to realize that they are here for a purpose and should be used to manifest beauty that they hold within. Walk with their heads held high, expect the best , don't settle for less and that they are the words they speak and the company they keep. It is and will be my job to change the mind set.