The Buildwealth Movement is a financial education initiative that will encourage people to address their biggest concerns as it relates to their financial status. Many people avoid having serious financial planning conversations for fear of embarrassment or judgement. Plus, there needs to be a shift from the reactionary stigma that is connected to financial planning. Financial planning is something that must be proactively done. The Buildwealth Movement plans to show people how simple financial planning can be, by meeting them right where they are. The Movement will explain complex financial solutions in an easy to understand manner, enabling people to create or enhance their financial plan at a level that suits them best. Everyone needs a financial plan, be it basic or complex and The Movement will strive to make that a reality for everyone it meets.

The problem is that the majority of people

1) do not have a financial plan
2) do not have a trusted financial planner/advisor/counselor/coach
3) can't decipher all of the financial products/services information that's constantly being marketed to them.

Providing a solution to address these problems is The Buildwealth Movement's key objective.

The Buildwealth Movement will focus its efforts around the following topic areas:

    - All financial planners are not the same
    - Personal Balance Sheet (Net Worth)
    - Money Management (Budgeting)
    - Credit Management
    - Life Insurance 101
    - Investments 101
    - Retirement Planning
       - College Planning