Instructor at Udemy - Making Complex Information Simple.
Hi, I've worked for Xerox for 13 1/2 years as a Senior Network Systems Field Engineer, and IBM 2 1/2 years as a Advanced Information Technology Specialist. I've Trained Sales People, IT Specialists, End-Users and Software Developers on a vast array of IBM software products/solutions and Web Based integrations with third party vendors via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). <-- Libraries of Pre-written Code.

I've obtained:

(MCSE) Microsoft Certified System Engineer

(MCP) Microsoft Certified Professional

(XCI) Xerox Certified Instructor

Web Development and other Information Technology certifications

I love to teach, and as a Udemy Instructor I always try to remember how it feels to know little or nothing about a needed subject when I create and present courses for you. I believe this is a sign of a great instructor.

I use custom animations and illustrations in my courses to help students not only think about, but also remember topics so they can be easily used in the real world.