RaaS is a unique solution combining Readysmith's veteran advisory skills with specialized tools to guide in development of a pragmatic, effective business continuity program to protect and continue business operations for channel partners' customers. RaaS makes business continuity planning easy and affordable for small and medium-sized organizations by providing a secure, reliable, 24/7, hosted, wiki technology based environment for our advisers and channel partners' customers to collaborate.

Readysmith Advisers Limited assigns a personal expert adviser to every SMB customer. Using time tested guidance, templates and online tutorials, the customer can confidently build and practice a practical plan for emergencies, crises and disasters with the assurance of the adviser's help.

"We built Readiness-as-a-Service specifically to target small and medium sized businesses. We know that SMBs have just as much need for emergency response, crisis management, business continuity, and IT recovery as the big corporations do. We also know that SMBs don't have many good choices to ready themselves with the analysis and planning needed. They can get free or cheap templates from the Internet. They can buy expensive software packages and consultants. They can even try to figure out how to get ready all by themselves. We strongly believe that our new Readiness-as-a-Service bridges the gap with a pragmatic, cost effective approach", said Michael Smith, President of Readysmith Advisers Limited.

About Readysmith Advisers Limited.

Established in 2008, Readysmith Advisers Limited provides a comprehensive business continuity planning solution for established channel partners to sell to their small and medium sized customers. The Readysmith Advisers Limited service, Readiness-as-a-Service, combines the expertise of veteran business continuity advisers with a secure, reliable, wiki technology based web site to assist in development of a business continuity plan to meet all the readiness needs of an organization. The comprehensive service addresses emergency response, crisis management, continuing business operations, and information technology recovery.