Real Grace Ministries will help you and your friends grow in your journey with God with discipleship materials. If you do not know much about God, you will be surprised by what He has in store for you. If you have a desire to help others grow, you will be blessed as God’s life in you flourishes. If you have already been investing significantly into the lives of seekers and believers, you will enjoy another great tool to share with others!

Many of us have never learned what it means to make disciples and therefore miss out on a great part of our Christian journey. Real Grace Ministries uses one to one discipleship and Biblical discipleship. The Biblical model in I Thessalonians 2  instructs believers in simple relational disciple-making that will strengthen your walk with God.

Real Grace is about basic, life-transforming Christianity applied to everyday life for Christian growth and Godly Christian living.  Even if you have been in the church for a long time you will find that discussing the basics of Christianity will make God’s Word come to life in your everyday experiences. Prepare yourself to build a strong Biblical foundation in the lives of others through Christian leadership training!!