Welcome to Real Bellezza, a Peruvian Company dedicated to Cosmetic Surgery, which offers the best of Plastic Surgery in Peru.  We have an excellent work team formed by surgeons, nurses and aestheticians, which supported by state-of-art specialized equipment, puts at your disposal the best advances in the world of the cosmetic surgery and body care. Know about all our services and do not hesitate to contact us.Be part of our selected group of patients.
we provide surgeries  and treatment

   * Eyebrow lift
   * Liposuction
   * Hair implant
   * Breast implant for men
   * Abdomen marking for men
   * Butt augmentation
   * Eye laser
   * Odontology
   * Facial and body treatments
   *  Breast augmentation and reduction
   * Liposculpture
   * Face lift
   * Rhinoplasty
   * Blefaloplast√≠a
   * Abdominoplasty
   * Chin
   * Double chin
   * Otoplasty
   * Laser eye surgery