Commercial Real Estate Buyers Directory
A comprehensive, data-driven solution for exploration, research, and discovery of real estate offerings: for both broker and buyer alike.

RealFind offers best-in-class search functionality with proprietary algorithms and employs an incredibly data-rich model for properties uploaded by brokers. This, in addition to artificial intelligence gathering meta-data from property descriptions ensure that the property and buyer are matched quickly, optimally, with as much detail as desired.

RealFind uses a range of modeling techniques to aggregate data from many sources. The number of statistics and comparable's available for nearly any property is over 1500 and counting. In addition to this, historical mortgage, sale, and deed data is available for premium members. RealFind saves you time by aggregating data sources at very competitive rates, so buyers and brokers can do their research in one place.

The RealFind Beam Technology enables members to set property preferences and simply be notified as they travel. Also, the RealFind Beam can set an optimal route for viewings. For-Sale signs are ugly and difficult to see, we would rather you receive an electronic brochure for exactly what you’re looking for.