This is where you’d normally find me waffling on about why I should be everyones wedding photographer. But I know that’s not true. I’m not everyones wedding photographer, I don’t do the dull boring cheesy nonsense and I certainly won’t spend the entire day hiding behind a plant pot. This is not to say that I won’t engage ninja mode and capture those unrehearsed natural moments, but it means that I will be well involved when there’s fun to be had. Hell yes I’m there to get you the best possible images for your big day but I have an absolute blast at every wedding I do, and it shows in my work. Weddings are my life, there’s nothing quite like it, that’s why I’m a full time wedding photographer, I eat, sleep and breath weddings.

How it Works
So we’ll have a pre wedding meet up and chat as much as we can about your big day. It’s always important to make the couple feel relaxed around me, I like to get to know every couple, to see what styles they like and to inspire each other. I want to know every detail, not because I need to but because I love to hear about the individualism at your wedding.

My Approach
When necessary I am unobtrusive and dictate as little as possible, some of the best photos come from unrehearsed situations and I feel that emotional content is just as important as camera wizardry. Equally I won’t shy away from getting involved and setting a scene to get the best possible images, like groupshots; they’re a painstaking process if not orchestrated properly, so I’ll usually just ask bride and groom to assume position, draft in the biggest groomsman and get your guests in and out. No faffing, promise.

I’m not the type of photographer who’s happy with what comes out of the camera, every single photo needs some amount of attention, sometimes it’s just a few tweaks, some times it’s about creating something that’s simply not possible through a lens alone.