Rebellious Clothing Co. is one of LA's hottest new streetwear brands representing the hard nosed lifestyle of self-motivated go getters who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Often times having to go up against the odds of society, naysayers and doubters. Rebellious Clothing Co. is made for leaders.

With fresh new styles influenced by modern and past day graffiti art, public leaders, activists and pop-culture. The style of Rebellious Clothing is something unique and crosses the boundaries of urban wear and high-fashion to sort of create something completely new all of it's own.

Finding it difficult to categorize Rebellious Clothing just by looking? Than great!
That's just how the founders of the Rebellious Clothing Company wanted you to feel.

After all, being a rebel requires you to tear down a few walls and barriers along the way.

-Live Rebellious!