July 19, 2017 - Pflugerville, Texas. - ZLI, owner of Reboot Time© brand of athletic supplements, announces it has introduced REBOOT TIME©Focus, a new athletic sports supplement to take higher competition athletes to new frontiers of athletic performance.

While in the process of developing a new product to advance higher competition athletes to the ranks of the elite, Zakaria Kouloughli, CEO of ZLI had to find an answer to what best sharpens athletes' focus to make them champions. One approach was to feed the athlete mitochondria DNA supplement, and couple that with a powerful product label that causes athletes to concentrate their attention on their ultimate goal. The idea gave birth to REBOOT TIME©Focus.

REBOOT TIME©Focus consists of mitochondria DNA supplements packaged in bottles, that feature the athlete’s own athletic photo “power picture”, along with the athletes own power phrase, Kouloughli explains (See picture rebootime.com). The synergetic effect of such combination pushes the already committed athletes to give their best, with no option of turning back.

The CEO explains that every time an aspiring champion looks at or picks up their RT©Focus bottle; the athlete sees his or her “new self” already manifested in the present. “The psychological phenomenon instills the champion mental image in athletes subconscious causing them to uncover the champion within” Kouloughli clarifies.

In today’s global economy, higher competition athletes have access to the same technology; but only those with the sharpest focus and strongest determination will win.

REBOOT TIME©Focus is sold online only. The product comes in a six-pack box, with 2 configurations, one configuration per sports, and the other per gender: make or female. Each bottle containing 120 vegetarian friendly capsules, a total of 720 caps, a supply for one year.

For more information; visit: www.rebootime.com
Sports included: athletics, basketball,baseball,cyclist,soccer,softball,golf,weight-lifting,swimming, tennis.