Rebootizer® is a revolutionary powerful antioxidant drink made from a proprietary blend of natural detoxifying fruit and plant extracts.  It is contained in a unique and innovative 2oz., 6 x 4.25-inch flat Mix-Pak® pouch that has separate compartments for the water and powder to enhance bio-availability.

With a palatable taste and aimed to be consumed regularly as a detox regimen, Rebootizer is so effective that when taken before bed after food and drink indulgences, consumers get the immediate reward of preventing the morning after symptoms of the common hangover.  

Recognized as one of the best innovations in beverage dietary supplements, Rebootizer has received several prestigious international awards: the Trends & Innovations Selection at SIAL in Paris, 2008; Frontier Magazine Buyers’ Forum 2010 Winner for Best New Product; Columbia’s Axioma Group “Great Idea 2011” award for most innovative functional drink.  Most recently, Rebootizer was awarded four stars by Beverage Spectrum Magazine/BevNet.com, the recognized authority on the beverage industry.

About GlobalEntry, Inc. – Rebootizer USA - Rebootizer Group:

GlobalEntry, Inc. d/b/a Rebootizer USA located in Wilton ,CT is the importer and exclusive distributor of Europe’s Rebootizer Group products in the USA.  Rebootizer USA designs and implements the marketing and distribution strategies in the USA.  Launched in the US during the 4th quarter of 2010, Rebootizer is available online and already on the shelves of over 200 select stores throughout California, Arkansas, New York and New England.

Rebootizer Group is a public company traded on the European stock market which focuses on natural health and wellness, and is specialized in the discovery and marketing of natural functional drinks created to enhance the body’s natural functions.  Having created a new functional category - the daily “detox” segment - Rebootizer Group has established a dominant position in the market with Rebootizer.  The cutting edge product, environmentally friendly packaging and fashionable image is delivered through an innovative and quirky ‘infusion’ pouch, which allows optimal bio-availability of its ingredients to support and enhance the body’s natural detoxifying process.
For more information, please visit www.rebootizerusa.com or www.facebook.com/rebootizerusa