Rebuild for Life is owned and operated by Alan Prince, an Occupational Therapist with over 22 years of geriatric and adult rehab experience. He is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (NAHB) and a Home Safety Advisor with Age Safe America. Our core service is a comprehensive 240 point home safety assessment that identifies environmental barriers to aging safely in place. Through evidenced based solutions and knowledge of home remodeling and ADA guidelines, our advisor provides solutions for home modifications that will reduce fall risks, increase accessibility and improve mobility in the home. The goal is to help keep our clients in their homes for a lifetime by providing the person centered solutions necessary to achieve this goal. Utilizing a network of builders and service providers, Rebuild for Life can help coordinate your home improvement. Examples of home modifications our clients perform include: tub to walk-in shower conversions, grab bar and railing placements, door widening, ramp installation, lighting improvements, and bathroom/kitchen remodels. Other services of Rebuild for Life include an important Check-in Service: An advisor visits the home weekly or monthly for onsite assessment of the environment and reports needs to the client and their caregivers about safety or home improvement issues that need addressed to promote the aging in place goals. Peace of mind having an Occupational Therapist visit to ensure "mom" is safe. Other services include private OT sessions or follow up consultations; lecture and presentations about Fall Prevention, Home Modifications, Aging in Place, and product/equipment acquisition and training.