With over 75 years of combined experience REC leads the industry with legacy of excellence. As a performance marketer we remember the days of get-what-you-pay –for, and with this goal in mind we have developed innovative processes to optimize your existing infrastructure and build value and lasting relationships with your customers.

Founded in 1999, Revenue Enhancement Consultants, Inc. has a full-service approach to making sure their clients are successful. Owners Craig Handley and Tony Ricciardi, along with Direct Response veterans Charles Gildea and Serena Ramirez, are unique in that they have seen the world of marketing from practically every perspective. They have worked for Fortune 100 companies, in door-to-door sales, as well as telephone sales; consulted with large and small customer service call centers, developed the operational and technical support systems for call centers, and trained thousands of sales agents in many different environments; they’ve written their own sales training manuals, consulted with club/third-party companies, worked in the data business, and built programs for Product-based clients to run in call centers to increase sales. This mass of experiences allows them to “think in circles”, to look at your campaign in multiple dimensions. When a client comes to them with a problem, not only have they seen it before – they know how to fix it. They analyze projects, determine the clients’ needs, and use their creative business skills to maximize performance on various platforms.