Mission Statement from the Founder of Recessionitis:

I started Recessionitis in frustration of the other websites that claim to show visitors the absolute best deals. To me, they're glorified ad websites. Why isn't there a website that rewards the community for their contributions? Why isn't there a website that strives to help people find the lowest prices on items they actually need?

Enter Recessionitis. Unlike price comparison websites and other "deals" websites, we'll unequivocally show the best deals on the web, but more important than that, we will do what they won't, and that's actively find you a deal, on something you actually need. Not only will we save you money, but we'll also save you time from scouring the web for information and reviews, or having to drive down to your nearest retailer. While everyone else wants to spam deals and increase advertisements, anything you see on Recessionitis, is either picked by the community, or something we would recommend to friends and family. It's time to making shopping personal again. If you have any questions or comments, you may contact me directly (on Google+ ), or you can catch Recessionitis on Facebook or Twitter.