Recherche Goldens is a professional breeder of English Cream Golden Retrievers. They are well known to produce the world's best white Golden Retrievers. Recherche Goldens is known to have the best pedigrees, health clearances, health warranties and program in the United States and the world. Recherche Goldens are especially skilled in training their young puppies in their detailed training program called Puppy Academy. Puppy Academy trains their pups extensively providing a puppy that's potty trained, crate trained, stair trained, car trained, obedience trained, click trained and extensively socialized by 12 weeks of age. No other breeder in the world is as complete as Recherche Goldens in their program, pedigrees and health clearances.

What sets Recherche English Cream Golden Retrievers apart?

First of all, our English Cream Golden Retrievers have some of the best pedigrees in the world. All of our Goldens have been imported by only the best European Golden Retriever breeders. If you study our dogs pedigrees you will see multiple World, International and national champions. Also many of our own dogs are International champions which is very rare in the US. The parents and parent's parents have all been hip, elbow, eyes and heart tested. All of our English Cream Golden Retrievers has had their BVA or OFA hip & elbow clearance to breed. Also each English Cream Golden Retrievers has been tested by a canine ophthalmologist yearly to test their eyes (CERF) as well as a canine cardiologist/veterinarian and have an OFA heart clearance. We also provide up to a 3 year warranty at no charge for each puppy.

Secondly, we ensure your puppy’s good health.  It starts before your puppy is ever conceived, providing proper diet and exercise to the parents.   Throughout the pregnancy, the dam is monitored to ensure she and the puppies are progressing well. In addition to this she is provided with NuVet and exercise.  We are there, assisting with every birth during whelping, and take every pain to ensure that each puppy comes through the critical first twenty-four hours in good health.  Each puppy is then taken to the veterinarian for a check-up (along with the dam), and dewclawed.   Each puppy is carefully monitored throughout their time with us, weaned on the highest rated dog food according to DogFoodAnalysis.com which is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Roasted Venison & Bison food and given NuVet.  By the time each English Cream Golden Retriever puppy leaves us, your puppy will have had your first vaccination, 4 dewormings, dew claws removed & microchipping. We give every puppy a final check up from the veterinarian where they are given a fecal, heart and full body examination.

Thirdly, we employ every possible measure to form good emotional health in each English Cream Golden Retriever puppy.  We consider each of our dogs a member of the family.  We treat the puppies no differently.  From day one, the English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are in our home, being handled, played with and loved on every single day.  Someone is home the majority of the time, making sure the English Cream Golden Retriever pups are well cared for, and interacting with them throughout the day.  We are very unique in that we crate-train each Golden Retriever Puppy potty train every puppy. By the time the puppy graduates from Puppy Academy, our pups are potty trained, crate trained, leash trained, stair trained, car trained, extensively socialized and know the foundational commands of "sit," "stay," "lay," "come," "off," "no," and more.

Fourthly, we put the English Cream Golden Retriever puppy’s welfare foremost.  We are determined that our white Golden Retriever puppies should belong to a family that loves him and is committed to his well-being. Since we demand so much from ourselves as breeders, we desire that our pups go to only the best homes. Our buyers are not looking for the cheapest English Cream Golden Retriever pup they can find. We only approve buyers that are desirous to have a companion for life and are committed to our English Cream Golden Retriever with their time, their money and their love.

Fifthly, we make every effort to make your experience of purchasing an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy a smooth and enjoyabGolden Retrieversle process.   Our website was designed to be not only attractive but extremely helpful. We try to answer most of your questions on our FAQ page. We provide each buyer with a Puppy Training Manual. We also provide each buyer with a NuVet starter kit, a toy they have played with, a sample packet of Solid Gold Hunchen Flocken and so much more. Each buyer will even receive a personalized CD with dozens of pictures of their individual English Cream Golden Retriever puppy growing up. We believe that attention to every detail is important. We are very approachable and are not annoyed with answering even the most basic questions.