Post Jobs, review applications, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews and hire all at one place- Recooty.


1. Job Posting- One click job posting on multiple job boards.

2. Website's Widget Integration & Branded Career Page- According to research, 40% of all the job seekers come to your website when they are interested in working with you. Once integrating Recooty's job widget on your website's career page, all the jobs you post using Recooty will also be visible there.

If you find building and maintaining a careers page tedious task, Recooty offers you a branded careers page where you can see candidates can check company's mission, vision, and open positions, it is as simple as changing your Instagram bio with zero coding required.

3. Review Application- Check all the candidates who have applied for your company's open positions, shortlist those who you think can be a great fit.

4. Talent Pool- All the candidates who have applied from different sources can also be uploaded on the Recooty's dashboard to track the record.

5. Schedule Interviews- Email & calendar integration take out the pain of interview coordination. All the details of the interview such as date, time, the venue will be sent to the shortlisted candidates.

For more information, visit: www.recooty.com