We know that a professionally produced demo track that showcases your song is vital to skyrocketing it’s potential — and, by extension, your potential for success in the music industry.

You’ve got the lyrics and you’ve got the singing — the skeleton of the song.

Those 3AM songwriting sessions that have your apartment neighbors banging on your wall and telling you to shut-up? –That’s the essence of a number one hit. The skeleton.

The problem is that you need more than a skeleton to really make your song spring to life.

This means professional musicians playing studio recordings for your song, building an instrumental track that really showcases your vocals.

This means an audio engineer combing through those instrumental tracks, tightening the timing and tuning with precision.

This means assembling a studio team armed with the knowledge and skills to envision, compose, record and polish a demo track for your song that captures your vision for your music in all its glory.

We have that team waiting to work with you.

And – unlike a traditional studio – you can produce your entire demo track without stepping out of your house, wasting days of your time, or spending thousands of dollars.

Because if you’ve written a song, you’ve already done enough hard work. Songwriting is no joke – you’re in the creative trenches all day, struggling to fend off the distractions that so easily kill the muse.

All you need to do is describe your creative vision to us. We handle all the technical dirty work, but you keep 100% of the copyrights to finished demo.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply for a free studio consultation. We’ll take a listen to your song and let you know what we can do to make it shine.