Taking the first step of admitting you have a problem, and seeking help for that problem, is very courageous and commendable act! Once you have conquered this seeming impossible act you are left with the question of “what to do next”. Thus, we offer personal expertise in treatment assessment and referrals, and assist patients to successfully navigate this often difficult process.
Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Detoxification is always the first step in substance abuse recovery. Detox is, at minimal, unpleasant. At most, it can be extremely dangerous. However, detox can be effectively managed in a facility capable of monitoring the patient’s vital signs and symptoms. In fact, detoxing at a specialized center with medical personnel ensures you will receive the safest, most informed care and comfort possible.
Residential Treatment Facilities

Residential treatment centers offer 24-hour care set in an environment conducive to recovery. Patients may participate in 12-step programs and develop the life skills needed to cope with their addiction and facilitate recovery. In addition, services are available to treat co-occurring diagnoses (such as mental illness) that factor into patient substance abuse struggles.
Aftercare Services

Life factors that contribute to addiction do not end after rehab. Substance abuse recovery is a process, and there are no instant, self-sustaining cures. Skills learned in rehab can sometimes be more difficult to implement on your own. If you have completed rehab and feel you still need assistance in maintaining sobriety, aftercare services may be right for you.