Since 1970, Recruiting Trends has been dedicated to serving the recruiting industry. In April of 2006, it went online as RecruitingTrends.com, supplemented by a twice-weekly newsletter, Recruiting Trends Bulletin. Recruiting Trends reaches senior-level recruiters and human resource and talent management leaders at small, medium, large, and global organizations and is the industry source for key decision makers and influencers in the profession to read about what’s going on in their world.

Updated daily, RecruitingTrends.com includes articles that explore current and future trends, highlight leading-edge best practices, identify tactical recruiting expertise, and offer industry insight; news and research items; and a weekly Data Watch article.

Recruiting Trends also hosts Best Practice Webinars featuring panel discussions by today’s recruiting experts on relevant sourcing, recruiting, and on-boarding topics. In addition, Recruiting Trends hosts live events, including The Recruiting Trends Conference (www.TheRecruitingConference.com).

Recruitment and talent management professionals, industry experts, and others interested in contributing content to RecruitingTrends.com may contact Victoria Ryder (victoria@recruitingtrends.com) at (603) 925-1160 or Paula Santonocito (paula@recruitingtrends.com).