RECY Systems is a global recycling software vendor providing computer oprating systems to scrap metal yards and recycling companies.  

Products and Services
For a successful cooperation it needs more than products. Ongoing support, fast solutions for organizational and IT problems, program enhancements and modifications, training, consulting are just as important for our customers as the quality and stability of the software itself.

For the majority of our customers we represent the (external) computer department. The specialists who care about hardware, network and software. Modern communication technology guarantees the support of our customers and it makes no difference if they are located in Munich, Germany, or Los Angeles.

Our products are based on most current information technology and highly performing data bases with unusual stability for the applications. Integration of electronic scales, barcodes, optical archiving, Internet portals, open interfaces to the leading office applications by Microsoft, Electronic Banking are examples for the consequent use of leading edge technology.

The fact that we already used barcodes for our container software back in 1985 proves that some of this techniques are not all that new to us but are based on decades of experience.

We eliminate islands of automation and replace them with seamless integrated systems that deliver all information where and when it is needed. Consistency of data throughout the enterprise and the entire supply chain gives our customers a precise picture of where they are now, and how profitable they will be.