Recycle San Diego is a leading electronics recycling, hard drive destruction, it asset management, and community e-waste event collection company in San Diego, California.  We offer a wide range of electronics disposal services that meet both consumer and business needs.


Recycle San Diego will keep your company EPA (and/or DTSC) compliant by providing proof that your e-waste was disposed of properly. By using RSD’s services, you will be protecting yourself from violating any e-waste disposal laws, and potentially getting fines of up to $20,000 per e-waste item. See the process overview below.

Recycle San Diego starts by collecting e-waste from the San Diego community. Next, they sort the e-waste by type, and resell any parts that can be reused. Finally, RSD recycles the rest with downstream processors who are:

   EPA R2 Certified
   NAID Certified
   ISO:9001 Certified
   ISO:14001 Certified

Since Recycle San Diego operates as a collector, not a processor, these certificates are not required of them. However, Recycle San Diego does hold their downstream processors accountable for keeping these certifications up-to-date.

   The RSD Guarantee: RSD will provide you with the most current, technology-driven e-scrap processing at the lowest possible cost.