Red Fez Publications was founded in 2002 by author Leopold McGinnis out of frustration with the myopic, status-quo/academic complex driven lit-industry. The first issue of Red Fez debuted online March 25, 2003. New issues are published quarterly.
Red Fez publishes poetry, fiction, books, plays, audio poetry, short videos, and illustrated/visual art. Red Fez Publications has concentrated on publishing and promoting non-mainstream, but accessible work.

After seven and a half years of publishing, Red Fez continues to seek fresh, innovative work that might not otherwise find a home. The editorial staff is neither interested in if, or where, a writer has published before.  Genre is a similar nonissue with the intent of generating a body of work that is unique and independent of commercial concerns.

The current Red Fez editorial team consists of Michele McDannold, Editor-in-Chief; Patrick Simonelli, Head Fiction Editor; Michael D. Grover, Head Poetry Editor; R.W. Watkins, Poetry Editor; and Leopold McGinnis, Founding Editor/Owner. Past editors have included Jennifer McCarthy, Sara Ruffolo, Chris Deal, Nobius Black, Sergio Ortiz Rivers, Aidan Hailes and Rob Taylor. Misti-Rainwater Lites and Jefferey Van den engh have guest edited.