I am a Cinematographer, Photographer, Producer, Editor, Director and Actress. I enjoy Filming, Directing, Photographing and creating great visual stories.  My goal is to produce and direct documentary and feature style films. I enjoy the live action of recording stories based on real life events and people.

I studied one year of Digital Film Production at The Art Institute of Illinois. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University. I enjoy my life with my two sons Darius and James. The two of them gives me the reason to reach for the sky and conquer my dreams. My goal is to leave behind a great legacy for them to follow.

The passion for this industry began about 8 years ago. In those 8 years, having the opportunity to act and perform in several stage plays which led me to my passion in the entertainment industry. My strong areas are photographing, editing, producing, storyboarding, directing, and connecting with people. In the end, my goal is to achieve the highest point and that is success. Success is not done overnight, but knowing hard work will pay off I am devoted to achieving those things. I am dedicated to working hard to reach my goals and be driven with passion.