Brandon Larson Conceive Create Repeat Conceive. Create. Repeat.

Kinda silly I guess, usually running around to my own beat.... but hmmm... more eh? Born in Alaska, raised in Louisiana, but spent ALOT of time in MN. College in Missouri, now I'm in CA... I really like to travel alot. I tend to take at least one out of the country trip a year with many smaller ones for my own enjoyment. And... the running around to my own beat thing... I tend to find interest in many varied topics which usually leads to alot of, what others might call, "hair-brained schemes". :-)

Quick thought (but don't get too analytical over my statement): EVERYTHING you use today WILL be replaced by something better. Soo… what are you going to do about it?

I really really enjoy and appreciate everything in my life right now.