Red Comet is an online educational program that allows students to graduate from high school on time. Red Comet was founded in 1999 with the single goal of helping students in need. Red Comet's leadership team believes that education inspires and enables students to achieve success and fulfillment as citizens in a changing world. The company's goal is to ensure that every student has access to educational opportunities that are needed to develop competencies required to contribute to an enriched society and sustainable economy.

Some of the students who take our courses have multiple barriers to attending school - financial difficulties that require them to hold multiple jobs, inaccessibility to schools, inaccessibility to a variety of courses, teenage pregnancies, child-rearing, caring for siblings while parents are at work, chronic illnesses in the family, language barriers, etc. Some of our students have relocated to different areas with their parents and are in need of credits to graduate on time from their own high schools. Some others have had trouble keeping up with the school curriculum or attending classes and need to make up credits to receive their high school diplomas.