Red Crypto Overview: Bitcoin Mining Is Still Profitable

New fully integrated cloud mining platform provides cryptocurrency miners with an efficient way of mining

Estonia, 15 November 2018 — Red Crypto, in collaboration with key industry partners, builds mining facilities and software solutions that aim to optimize the mining and distribution process of cryptocurrencies. As a result, their platform convenient for users and still profitable even when bitcoin price dips below $6000.

The Red Crypto data centers are located in crypto-friendly CIS region where also the favorable infrastructure, as the cost of electricity, employee expenses, and rent are much lower compared to other countries.

All of these factors allow keeping the maintenance fee low. At the same time, according to the Terms and Conditions, maintenance fee, calculated in dollars, do not increase if the price of bitcoin does. That means that the income from mining contracts will rise significantly and the return on investment is possible within one year.

"The main idea of creating a profitable cloud mining service is minimizing the costs. We thoughtfully choose locations that allowed us to save both money and resources and offer cheap contracts with a low or even zero maintenance fee", — says Vitaly Medvedev, COO at Red Crypto.

Another pleasant bonus of Red Crypto is the card payment option. Users can pay for mining contracts with bank cards and start mining whether they have or do not have cryptocurrency. Also, cooperation with acquiring service entails that the Red Crypto platform has gone through the payment system audit process and its service is trustworthy.

More Advantages Of Red Crypto

Instant connections and withdrawals
After payment confirmation, users immediately begin mining and generate mining rewards. Mining rewards vary according to the bitcoin network mining difficulty. The mining rewards for the previous day are calculated and updated daily. Mining rewards are paid out daily.

Modern equipment
The platform’s main mining equipment in the data centers is the Innosilicon Terminator 2 and Whatsminer M10, which are currently the most cutting-edge mining hardware in the market. To make the mining efficiency even higher, the team plans to purchase the newly released best-in-class Bitmain Antminer S15.

Transparent pricing
The users only pay the stated prices for their contract for the entire period that the contract is valid. Absolutely no hidden fees.

Fully integrated interface
The simplified, minimalistic interface will allow users to interact with the platform in an effective manner and track their statistics in an easier way.

The team of investors and engineers have experience in building billion-dollar e-commerce industries which guarantee users of the future growth of the platform.

RedCrypto is offering a high-level digital and physical security. Mined coins are stored safely on a cold offline wallet. The platform ensures the security of user’s funds and credentials through two-factor authentication and regular website vulnerability audit performed by well-known Vulners team.

Cheap cloud mining plans
The cloud-mining platform has two payment contracts that users can select from in order to begin mining: the 1-Year contract and the indefinite contract. There is no need for big investments: $79 is the minimum amount required to start mining.

User-friendly interface, high level of safety and modern equipment all make Red Crytpo a good choice both for the first time and experienced users.

About Red Crypto
Red Crypto is cloud mining platform that was designed to simplify mining for everyone. Red Crypto’s main equipment is located in the CIS, where the low cost of electricity, rent and employee expenses make for a favorable infrastructure. The main advantages of the platform include quick starts, as users only need to pay for capacity on the platform and never worry about maintaining equipment or the software. Payment can be conducted in cryptocurrency and fiat using bank cards.

Vitaly Medvedev, COO

Red Crypto Press Office