Today we found a New website that markets skulls and gifts. My wife and I were shopping online for skull based theme products for our Halloween Party coming soon. We found this website called skullcord.com. The site is filled with just skull related items. The Company how built it is called Red Dog Media. The founder says this is his first Website Based Niche. Founder Keith Detwiler says thank you for liking the site. Keith Says he has allows liked the idea of skulls in fashion. Red Dog media is new this year and we plan to keep build on that niche.

Skullcord.com Has had good feed back from our shoppers. The site is still young and we hope to raise money from the sales of skullcord.com to grow our Brand. RED DOG Media is taking a new approach marketing online, So far our ideas are doing well with gaining buyers with low cost products online. Shoppers want a good price on hard to find items. Our sites markets items not found in main brick and mortar stores. shoppers can find skull related products on skullcord.com for a really good price. Halloween is almost here so come on over to skullcord.com you we find lamps, costumes, biker gear, dresses, shirts and a lot more. We have over a 1000 skull related products not found in stores. New items are skull lamps for the outside, This will make your house inviting for tricker treaters coming to your door. If your going to a Halloween Party we listed cool adult outfits that will make you a star of the party.

Red Dog media is very happy that find customers says good things about us. Thank you Greg Allen for taking time to write about us.

Ok everyone checkout skullcord.com from RED DOG Media Group.

News From Greg Allem and happy shopper of the new website skullcord.com
RED DOG Media builds website that real impressed us shopping for Halloween item for the house
Company: Red Dog Media group.