Red Dot Express offer a wide range of competitive National and International Courier Services.

In the competitive field of the Courier business, Red Dot Express has launched their first office in Gauteng, offering a wide range of National and International Courier delivery services from South Africa.

The founder Sheri has extensive experience in this field and understands the necessity of exceptional Customer Service.

Once Red Dot Express is firmly established in Gauteng, subsequent offices will be established in KZN and Cape Town increasing employment within South Africa.

To date by focussing on value and service a lot of repeat business is already seen.

We are optimistic that 2012 customers are becoming more and more discerning, unwilling to tolerate mediocrity.

Therefore Red Dot Express is keen to be able to offer small to medium a level of service they deserve, which the large courier companies are unable to offer.

As a courier broker we are able to buy in bulk from one of the largest and most respected Courier Companies in the world, with a workforce of more than 290,000 team members worldwide. They have a daily volume of more than 8.5 million shipments for express, ground, freight and expedited delivery services, covering over 220 countries and territories, including every address in the United States.

Offering an online service for the booking of collections and tracking of consignments. Operating 687 aircraft; more than 375 airports served worldwide, supported by more than 90,000 motorized vehicles for express, ground, freight and expedited delivery service.