Why should I list my properties on Redence?
We have buyers and renters on Redence who are looking for properties right now. We can bring your property listings to the attention of the whole world, free of charge. And it only takes a few seconds to Sign up
Redence is a property search Directory. People use Redence to find properties in Eastern Europe to buy and rent from thousands Estate Agents
Does it cost anything to use Redence
No. Our service is free for everyone.
Is Redence an estate agency?
No. We're not a real estate agency we are a directory and we don't charge any commissions or other fees.
How does Redence make money?
We get paid for New Developments and Hot offers entries and will add more advertising later
Can Redence recommend a real estate agent for me?
No. We list properties from thousands for real estate agents but cannot offer personal recommendations. Once you've found some properties that you like, click on the listings to visit the agents that sell them. You can then contact them directly and decide whether they are the right agent for you.
Can I sell my property through Redence?
Yes simply sign up its free!! there is a good chance it will appear on Redence for the whole world to find.
How does Redence get its property listings?
From Estate agents an individuals in wanting to buy and sell property in East Europe.
I would like to partner with Redence. Who should I contact?
For all partner & affiliate enquiries, please contact info@redence.com
How do I advertise on Redence?
If you're a real estate professional and would like to advertise on Redence, please contact mailto:info@redence.com.com with heading advertising