Does this sound like you?

You’re an overwhelmed business owner trying to learn website design while juggling all the other tasks in your business.

You know the basics of creating a website but want to remove the mental load of designing and keeping up with changing technology off your mind and to do list.

You know having a website is important but design and tech are not your zone of genius.

What if you could…

✅ Make sales, book appointments and schedule calls without constantly checking your email?

✅ Use your website to do the heavy lifting, automations and be your hardest working employee?

✅ Prequalify your audience so only awesome people who understand you want to work with you?

Hi! I’m Kristen Morris and I created Redesignia to help female business owners like you.

I want to help you create a beautiful, professional website that grows your business and makes your life a little bit easier.

My Squarespace web design journey started as a creative outlet over 5 years ago learning from scratch on nights and weekends.

A little bit about me- I love podcasts (Forever35 and You Are Good are forever favorites!), reading psychological thrillers and spending time relaxing with friends and family on the lake.

I started Redesignia to use my skills to help business owners elevate their online presence and attract dream clients.

If this sounds like you check out our web design packages or visit our website to learn more about us.