Redline Company is a full service marketing agency based in Puerto Banus (Marbella) specialising in graphic design and marketing. We work under a unique system of marketing packages whereby we become an 'external marketing department' for a contracted number of hours each month.Thereby, giving clients access to a complete multilingual marketing team yet saving them the expense of hiring their staff with all the attendant costs.

Within Redline's marketing packages we provide a wide range of services including evaluation, brand creation, research, strategy and campaign planning, press releases and press liaison, web design, creation and maintenance, content marketing, copy writing in English and Spanish, graphic design and print management, sourcing merchandise, social media and online advertising including PPC.

Our client base includes businesses based on the Costa del Sol, Scandinavia, Europe and even as far as Australia, covering all fields from real estate, medical, beauty, health, finance, insurance, hospitality, recreation and much more.