Smart REDMOND appliances provide a way to be at two places at once
The REDMOND international brand offers a one-of-a-kind embodiment of the smart home concept, the objective of which is to create an intelligent space where the appliances switch on automatically and user participation in most domestic chores is minimal. All you need is a smartphone. The REDMOND smart appliance line-up includes a variety of devices: multicookers, kettles, coffee machines, irons, heaters, etc.

The REDMOND smart appliance range planned to launch in the US market in summer includes the:
Smart Multicooker SkyCooker RMC-M92S-A
Smart Multicooker SkyCooker RMC-M222S-A
Smart Kettle SkyKettle RK-M170S-A
Smart Kettle SkyKettle RK-M171S-A
Smart Coffeemaker RCM-M1509S-A

The REDMOND smart devices will provide you the opportunity to move on to a new level of housekeeping: being at two places at once and staying connected with home wherever you are. The devices and appliances are controllable via Bluetooth in the near field and via Wi-Fi and/or GSM internet from anywhere in the world.
You might have bought yourself some top-notch foods for your daily diet, but you may not have time to cook them. Or, you may not have the culinary flair and skills to allow you to always achieve brilliant cooking results. The smart multicooker, which can cook automatically according to the latest restaurant technologies, is the answer to this problem. You can begin cooking in it with a single tap– whether you’re at the office, while you’re walking, or while you’re jogging. The dishes cooking process is fully automated – the user is free to run any other errands as the cooking is going on.
The special temperature control detectors and built-in timer deliver precise cooking performance for various technologies: sous-vide, stewing, cooking, steaming, and baking. The dishes will always be cooked to taste of the smart multi-cooker owner: adjust the temperature and/or time according to your taste using any program. The REDMOND multi-cooker is your personal chef, fulfilling your every demand and whim and always at your service.
The smart kettle will boil water and maintain a designated temperature for exactly as long as needed. Would you like to brew a cup of refreshing green tea to await you on your arrival home, or wait for your late guests instead? Send a command to the smart kettle from the other room or from anywhere in the world and when you’re ready to enjoy the flavor of your favourite drink, the water will already be heated to the temperature required for the type of tea you selected.
Do you leave for work before your wife or girlfriend does? Now that won't stand in the way of you making a cup of hot coffee for her. The smart coffee maker will whip up strong or soft hot coffee upon receiving the signal from your smartphone. Take care of your loved ones at a distance with REDMOND!
While developing a smart appliances line-up, REDMOND took care to prioritize stylish devices with maximum capabilities for convenience, safety, and savings throughout your daily routines. The REDMOND Sky-appliances combine the latest smart technologies with a simple, straightforward user interface. The REDMOND appliances, in all of their exquisite beauty and innovative cooking features, are always at your disposal at a single tap of the mobile app.