RedNewt was established to make a range of simple living aids more readily available to everyone, especially to those of us who can’t quite do what we used to do. There will be a carefully selected range of the best unique products that will provide real practical help. Some products will be brought in after world-wide searches for those things that provide something extra and useful. Some will be new developments to satisfy unfulfilled needs that have been brought to our attention by people like you.

Less than a third of “less-abled” get hold of the simple pieces of equipment to make their life easier. They just struggle on; clearly showing the desire for independence and a will to not stop doing what they always did. RedNewt will offer some simple products to keep enjoying life to its fullest. The products have been found or developed after almost 20 years international experience of people’s desires to keep doing what they always did. There will not be a wide range. But a range of specific helpful products for older and active less-able people…like you or your loved ones.