Red Ocean Solutions was founded in 2013 Australian Wade Garland and New Zealander Grant Beuzeval, with the goal of enabling companies to make faster, better informed decisions. Both have a strong background in market research and marketing information. With a passion for new technologies, and new ways of involving people in the collection, understanding and transmission of information, we deliver solutions that improve business performance.

SmartRocket, a Red Ocean Solution is Asia’s first and largest mobile workforce. Launched in January 2015, SmartRocket combines crowd sourcing with mobile technologies to enable companies to quickly, inexpensively and reliably understand retail environments in any location, at any time.

Providing immediate feedback on in store prices, stock levels, on-shelf compliance, promotions, service levels and more, SmartRocket helps companies optimize their retail execution at the exact time and place it is needed.

Rigorous quality controls including GPS location verification, time and date stamping, photo and video verification and 100% validation ensure information you can trust.

At the same time, SmartRocket provides part time work and an extra paycheck for thousands of students, business and home executives across Asia.

For more information about SmartRocket, please visit www.smart-rocket.com