The Candy Bombers are back!  Big Red Tubes are Landing Everywhere!

Our newly launched company’s concept was derived from the Candy Bombers of the Berlin airlift.  We have created the 21st century CARE PACKAGE.  It not only includes cherished goodies but also stops traffic as it ships and instantly increases the popularity of recipient!

RedShip.com sends care packages in our one-of-a kind BIG RED TUBES and includes:
--Oversized water resistant laundry bag
-- Small $44.95, Medium $54.95, Large $64.95, X-Large $94.95 or Healthy $49.95 options
--Fresh bakery goods, simple meals, ceramic bowls for microwave, gourmet popcorn and   more
--Our “Buy one Feed One” program; every package purchased provides a meal to Feeding America

Our care packages are especially perfect for college students, boarding school students, and campers.

Richard, a student at Park University says “I was getting stopped by students walking back to my dorm carrying my RedShip red tube, everyone wanted to know what it was, it stops traffic”, “Even the journalism professor who had stopped me to ask about it wanted to write a story on it in the student paper”.  

According to Harlan Cohen, best-selling author of The Happiest Kid on Campus, “College students are OBSESSED with care packages. . .Students constantly mention the pure joy of getting a care package in the mail.”

We think our care packages are important at this time as final exams and the holiday season approaches.