Reese, Salley & Associates, Ltd Co. is a firm comprised of business specialists offering public relations, marketing, and business development services. Although our advanced marketing specialists are based in Columbia, South Carolina, we provide services nationwide. With a combined 18 years experience, our associates are sure to provide not just great service but overall a great experience. Our associates pride themselves on providing successful, high-quality marketing and business services for all of your professional needs. All of our clients receive effective developmental and implementation strategies. We offer multi-faceted approaches to accomplishing outlined goals, despite changes in the economy, media, legislature and social media.

Our mission is provide our clients with professional services that allow them to successfully operate and grow their business.

We aim to:
• professionally represent our clients while driving home their outlined mission
to provide the right solution.
• effectively complete the project and/or tasks clients are faced with during their daily business operations in order to boost productivity.
• help our clients grow their businesses, whether they are looking to increase customer loyalty by improving upon their customer service skills or whether they are looking to import goods to increase revenue or lower overhead costs, among other professional and business developments.