Collecting - fast, versatile and understandable

Using Refeus publications can be quickly found by ISBN or keyword search.

With an automatically measured access date and time, Refeus WebCollect allows Internet researched content to be easily taken.

Using Refeus Mobile app you will be able to scan bar code of a book. Refeus will automatically determine the associated information such as Title and author.

Manage - simple and flexible

With Refeus internally generated information can be easily managed and flexibly structured. The folder origin, storage and contents are traceable at any time.

Writing - relaxed with automatic source

Texts can be written in Refeus text editor, revised and compiled according to the modular principle to the finished document. Since all external content automatically receive a byline, Refeus provides effective protection against accidental plagiarism.

Publish - with automatic content and source directory

When you publish, the created document will be exported to the desired layout in your own selected format.
Content, presentation and source directory are thereby created automatically.