Photobucket This is not a REVOLUTION, it's an inevitable EVOLUTION. Faster, stronger, smarter, richer, BETTER. The new entrepreneur, the new athlete. We do not confine to the status quo mentality that has prevailed. We have been judged by our extreme recreations, our "bizarre" appearance and our "freakish" talents. Your extraordinary is just our starting point. Our statement: REFUZE. We refuze to allow society to dictate our limitations. Our logo: Question mark. We question life and all it has to offer. We question our abilities, our surroundings, and barriers built as an attempt at control. Exlamation Point. We demand answers. We demand more of our surroundings and ourselves, and we demand respect. PERIOD. There are no options. This is our life to live and it is us that will ultimately decide if we are satisfied. Satisfied with our accomplishments, satisfied with our impact, and satisfied with the footprints that we have left behind to guide future generations. Stand down, step aside, cower in fear. Do whatever it is you must, as long as you no longer interfere and recognize that we will succeed.