In only 2 minutes per slice, you can now enjoy oven-quality taste and quality from the microwave!

No more soggy, chewy crust and obliterated cheese and toppings from harsh direct microwaves bombarding your pizza slices!

The Reheatza® protects your cheese and toppings while heating directly from the bottom—the result is a crispy crust, perfectly reheated toppings, and gently melted cheese...all from the microwave!

The Reheatza heats from the bottom-up and protects the cheese and toppings. The microwave energy-blocking lid protects your food, while the microwave-absorbing pan converts microwave energy to convective heat, crisping the bottom crust.

The Reheatza is uniquely design to enhance the quality of just about anything you normally use the microwave for, and even some things you’d never consider heating in the microwave. The microwave-absorbing pan heats to up to 400 degrees and is capable of browning and searing food—similar to a frying pan! Check out our video demos for just a few examples of how the Reheatza can help you with a wide variety of foods, and learn more about how it can help enhance your everyday microwave experience.