Dr. Cynthia Barnett, an educator for over 30 years, successfully transitioned into an entrepreneurial pursuit and is a respected life coach who offers individual counseling and spearheads the Re-Fire, Don’t Retire™ 90 Day Mentoring Program for those who want to learn how to reinvent themselves in order to live a happier retirement. Dr. Barnett is also the author of “Stop Singing the Blues: Ten Powerful Strategies for Hitting the High Notes in Your Life” and has been featured in TIME magazine.
     “Primetime Makeover” is available in major bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders, as well as on Amazon.com and the author’s website, www.primetimemakeover.com.

     Dr. Barnett is available for interviews by phoning 203-855-9714 or e-mailing her at drcynthia@primetimemakeover.com.