The Rejuvenation Station (what we affectionately call TRS) was founded by Jan Luther. Our purpose is to unconditionally love people as we empower and inspire them to fulfill their Divine Destiny.

Jan Luther is one of nine U.S. EFT Founding Master practitioners, the author of Grief Is…Mourning Sickness, co-author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, and a Trauma, Loss & Change Expert. She is also an AAMET Certfied Trainer of Trainers, Ordained Minister and Life Skills Coach.

Jan and the staff at TRS are dedicated to taming the little voice of fear and false programing (The EGO) which then liberates our audiences, students and clients from small thinking and mediocre performance so that they can remove their blocks to success, find their voice, deliver their message and make a massive difference in the world.

Jan has worked with thousands of clients and students to liberate them from past traumas; teaching them to create fulfilling relationships through resolving grief, coping with stress, overcoming worry, becoming more confident, and renewing and strengthening their connection to their higher power.

She is available for speaking engagements, training workshops and weekend events. She also offers private personal sessions and topic-specific group workshops.

Her workshops and events are not of the “cookie cutter” variety. Based on your input, Jan tailors her programs to the unique needs of your company or organization. Her signature topics include:

■The EGO Tamer® H.A.T.S.© Program: Understanding personality types at work and at play (for fun and profit)

■Living and Loving Wholeheartedly: Designing the Perfect Relationship

■The 5 Aspects in Action!: Taking your life back after: Disappointment, Shame, Trauma, Loss, Change or Addiction

■Building Your Indestructible Self-Worth©: No Doubt = No FEAR

■Manifesting Mo-Money!: Plugging Into Your Financial Prosperity

For speaking engagements, Jan travels from Charlotte, NC. To book her at your next conference or event, please call her event coordinator at (980) 228-1229 (or leave her a message on our office voice mail at (704) 563-0874).

You can also send an e-mail to michael@janluther.com to get more information and coordinate your event & topic.