The Rocketscience of Relationships Decoded!

Emir & Samantha Krajina from Relationship Rocketscience are taking on the world, one heart at a time! The new kids on the block are at the service of one and all, with their new-age Relationship Coaching & Matchmaking Services. Reaching ideal successes through both entertaining and informative means!


Emir & Samantha Krajina, Relationship Rocketscience, Australia, taking on 2012! Their overall mission is to help the people of Australia find love and happiness; something everybody deserves, with the main focus being building self-esteem and awareness, discovering your ideal partner and learning what you truly desire from a relationship.

Nowadays, we are so time-stricken and short of confidence. We find ourselves so caught up in everyday life that we simply can't seem to find the time to put love on our priority list.  RR is unique in the industry offering a personalized service that caters to all ones needs in the art of love. On the priority list is self-discovery, finding love, the journey to happiness & much more!

Whether it be signing up to their FREE database in the search for love, or FREE seminars and events that help you unleash your inner romance and discover the love you deserve with complimentary workshops, or even getting on board to join them and the crew at Relationship Rocketscience, they have something for everybody!
(ALL consultations are absolutely FREE – to see if you are a match!)

RR use an effective blog to reach their audience to give them free advice and talk to them on the latest topics in life, love, happiness, relationships and much more.

Want to lose weight? Hire a personal trainer. Want to find a fulfilling job? Hire a career specialist. Want to know how to invest your money so you can maximize your return? Hire a financial advisor. Want to attract the love of your life and the life that you love? Hire a relationship coach!

“We hear uninspired and unmotivated people so often express their disappointment in the dating world, and how they just can't seem to find the right person. After years of understanding relationship dynamics and successfully setting up countless connections, the self-gratification and undying love for love, makes it all worthwhile.” Emir & Samantha Krajina

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