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The initial thinking regarding relationships began with the owner writing a passionate book on practical morality, in which he mapped out a system to help develop core personal virtues by making acts of atonement whenever we fail other people. He was not concerned to argue the merits of his system against other forms of morality, but aimed to convince by the clarity of his system and the wealth of illustrations he provides for different stages of personal development.

The rational approach

Jay Krunszyinsky was a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor and Abuse Investigator for the state of Pennsylvania. His core approach to moral issues is broadly that described as 'virtue ethics,' that is, consideration of the chief virtues which contribute to a fulfilled and purposed life. For Jay, as for Aristotle, the foundation of virtuous living is actually reason or rationality - Jay is very concerned to help people achieve clear-headed and balanced awareness of themselves and their situations.

Jay has clearly brought great insight to helping children and adults face profound scarring and damage, and find ways of healing. The background provides the wealth of examples he gives of 'irrationality', from depression and negative inner messages to trauma, co-dependency, child abuse and family violence. The reader may be surprised by the dramatic aspect of many of Jay's examples - I was. But I first read I'm Sorry some months back, and couldn't review it at the time. However I read it again just after the Beslan school massacre in Russia, and I hope someone like Jay is alongside the hundreds of families there.

Jay has developed a thorough system for schools to use in order to "define behavioral expectations and allow children to evaluate their successes and problems." teachers and parents will find this a valuable tool to reflect on, either applying it or measuring their own methods alongside it.